Spam Policy

This is my policy with regard to spam both by e-mail and in the comments. DO NOT SPAM ME

Spam e-mails

Don’t send me spam e-mails including but not limited to offers of drugs, body enhancements, cheap watches, fake watches, cheap software, gambling, porn or dating. I have good filtering in place, so chances (basically 100%) are your spam wont get through. If it does then you stand a good chance of being reported.

Don’t send me phishing e-mails. I can tell the difference and I will report every phishing email to the relevant bank/building society/company and authorities.

Site Comment Rules

I like getting comments, when they are worthwhile and appropiate. So if you’re commenting on my site, bear the following in mind:

  • Comments should actually be meaningful, worthwhile and relevant to the page/blog entries. It’s not enough to just enough to comment on a random page “Good work there. I signed to your blog rss feed.”
  • If you put a web address with your comment, it should NOT be a link to site which contains inappropriate content such as porn, a site that hasn’t been updated for months or a site that is nothing but a glorified ad page. The link should be to a site in English.
  • Don’t make your comment nothing but links.
  • Comments MUST be in English.
  • Comments and any site linked to should not be offensive to followers of any faith, be hate related, sexist, homophobic or similar. Be nice.
  • This applies to trackbacks as well. Spammers wont get a free link to their spammy website out of me this way.
  • Link requests, if you think I might like a link exchange (and it’s highly unlikely to be honest) use the then contact form.

If you’re thinking of spamming me…

  • I use Akismet so any spam will be caught (just like 30,003 that have been caught so far).
  • All comments are moderated, that means only I will see it and I’m not interested in your spam. That’s only when I am really bored, normally I just click the “Empty Spam” button and no one sees it.
  • Your IP address and ISP are automatically collected. This makes it very easy for me to track you down when you spam me even if you supply a false email address. I can also track you through proxy servers as well so don’t bother trying.
  • I’ll send a copy of your spam comment/email to your ISP.

Your IP Address returns as and your ISP/Webhost returns as

How will a spammer know if I am going to track them down? They wont, it depends on how my day is going.

Bear in mind reporting spammers makes me happy. I have already tracked people down and reported them.