Sunsets Gallery

Colourful sunset with trees in reliefI love sunsets and here’s a collection of some of the sunsets I have photographed. With the exception of the “African” Orange Sunset all were taken on dog walks with Sheppie in Lowndes Park Chesham and are shown as they came out of the camera.

Sunsets have fascinated me for a long time, I love the way the sky changes colour, sometimes dramatically and looking away for just a moment and you can miss something so very beautiful. I love how a couple of clouds can totally and utterly change a sunset (sometimes not for the better!)

No matter how hard I’ve tried, I haven’t yet managed to fully capture the absolute, stunning majesty of some of the sunsets. Sometimes I found it hard to concentrate on taking photos so I just stand and watch as the sun went down.

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  1. Seth

    Some great shots of lush sunsets (c;

  2. paula

    Wonderful pictures. I love sunrise/sunset.

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