London Zoo Gallery

I was lucky enough to work at London Zoo for a few months helping a friend out in the First Aid Rooms. I had a fantastic time, met some lovely people. I got to so see many things I wouldn’t have done on a normal zoo visit, got to experience some amazing things and took away some utterly amazing memories that will stay with me forever; even if some were bittersweet. I got to feed the otters mice (dead not live), feed meerkats live crickets, feed bread to a giraffe – apparently the keepers use banana sandwiches and bread to get them into swallowing medications! (Who would have known!)

Needless to say I took lots of photos and despite it looking like I never actually did any work while I was there I did treat a few people.

I am making plans to visit London Zoo again as soon as the weather improves with my latest camera, tripods etc to get some more photos. (unless my next bit of surgery on my leg gets in the way!)

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