I’m Elliott Rodgers; a web developer and graphic designer (at ERS Web Solutions Ltd), photographer and poet. I live in South Buckinghamshire, Southern England with Sheppie, my border collie. This is my personal website and blog.

I do a lot of my web development in WordPress, it’s a fantastic way to develop and manage websites, it’s been around almost ten years and is used on a lot of wesbites big and small, including this one. I’m also happy working in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL. I can still remember when CSS itself was a new concept and web pages were designed using tables(!) and text used inline tags for everything!

Photography has been a creative outlet of mine for a long time. I especially like photographing the natural world and macro (close up) photography. Being able to take photos and images to use as part of websites I am developing means I can get the image I want. Ironically really for a I photographer I detest having my photo taken (which is why there are so few photos of me on my site).

I’ve written dozens of poems since I was about fourteen and had stuff published both online and in print books. Lots of my poems can be found here on my site, including some of my personal favourites Stolen Kiss, Twisted Soul, When, Goodbye Forever and Your Choice.

I broke my leg back in December 2010 and complications mean it’s basically permanently knackered. I’m still not giving up; physio and most important of all prayer for healing.